The full movie of Daughter Kelen (Kazakhstan movie)

Kazakh film Kelіn known to many as scandalous picture that tells us about the passion of love and unbridled emotions and mind, which generally make up our emotions. In the film, there is some attempt to return to the original nature of man and to its origins.

The film shows us a picture of the daughter , which occurs in 3-4 century AD, in the pre-Islamic period . It is known that any canonized religion – is, first of all – the laws and dogmas , and the era of paganism , of course, assumes the form of natural existence . By the way in this form is submitted and the viewer plot. Online movie Kelin is primarily a story about people , about the people who are part of nature. Tells about how people set themselves the task – to survive and continue their family . Once Aktan Arym Kubat said he heard the story , though in one of the high mountain valleys where yaks are found more dead people.

This all happened in the winter. So , we had to wait for spring , so that the body could carry through the pass , and after already buried in the land where he was born . Overall, it was the impetus to start Arym design pattern. Later this story painted screenwriter Ermek Tursunov.

Characters: In the film you can see characters such as : Mom Ene , who had two sons, named Baktashi and Cain , as well , and was the daughter Kelin hunter Mergen . They act out the story of a family , and since they are all part of nature, yaks and Griffin , Blue wolf family become part of this whole story.

The film was shot in the highlands of the Alatau mountains , where no people live . In the film there is a small amount of dialogue and characters speak in the ancient language . In the film, you can see various shamans transmitting connection between man and nature.


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